We Need Your Help!

Here’s your call to action!

1. Speak at Area Plan.

We know that the unknown can be scary and intimidating.  If you’ve never been to an Area Plan meeting, watch the video from the December 2017 meeting so you know what to expect.  


Note - Speaking is the most impactful way you can help. PLEASE push yourself out of your comfort zone to do this.  We are trying to coordinate speakers to avoid excessive overlap and duplication. It’s not required, but if you will help us, please let us know.  (Don’t send a letter if you plan on speaking.)


2. Sign the printed petition.


2/18/18 Update: there are petitions you can sign on the counter at Koehler Bros.  

3. Get your friends, neighbors, and coworkers to sign the petition.  Note that you also need to sign at the bottom of the petition to certify that you witnessed the signatures.  You can find a printable petition here:



4. Write a letter. 2/18/18 Update on letters: Tomorrow is Presidents Day and the APC office is closed and the mail is not running. Since letters (see rules below) must be in the APC office before noon on Wednesday, please either 1) contact Cindy Marsh on Facebook or by calling or texting 765-714-2119. She will hand deliver your letter to APC, or 2) print your letter and sign it. Then scan the signed document to your computer and email it to APC at apc@tippecanoe.in.gov. Note that hand written letters are not allowed. If you have a handwritten one you need typed, please contact Cindy.


Area Plan has specific rules that must be followed:

“Letters and written communications mailed, hand delivered, faxed or emailed to the Office of the Area Plan Commission in advance of the hearing are intended for persons unable to attend the hearing themselves. For letters to qualify to be entered into the record they must be 1) signed regardless of delivery method, 2) include the signer’s address, 3) received no later than noon on the day of the hearing and 4) be no longer than two pages, 11 point font size, double spaced with 1” margins. Letters sent to the office of the Area Plan Commission that qualify to be entered in the record will be read by staff, and once received the letter shall not be withdrawn. Once a letter is read at a meeting, it is a part of the record. The writer is not permitted to speak or submit another letter even at a subsequent meeting resulting from either an inconclusive vote or a continuance, having originally chosen to submit a letter. Should the author be present at the meeting he will not be permitted to speak, having elected instead to present his views in writing. This rule shall apply to any written material on which four or fewer signatures appear, or any petition of more than 300 words filed by the noon deadline. Any petition presented after the noon deadline or during the hearing shall not be read into the record by staff, but may be passed to the plan commission members. “

So to sum it up, here are the rules:

- The letter must be signed. “Digital” signature is not accepted.

- The letter must include your address.

- Area Plan must receive letter BEFORE NOON on February 21st.

-Use an 11 point font, double spaced with 1” margins, and no longer than 2 pages.

- Letters can be hand delivered or mailed to APC 20 N 3rd Lafayette, IN 47901

If you need help writing, typing, or submitting a letter, please let us know. You may also call or text Cindy at 765-714-2119.


5. Call or email the Area Plan representatives:

6. PLEASE COME TO THE AREA PLAN MEETING! A strong turnout is extremely important! Please make this meeting a priority. It’s at 20 North 3rd Street in Lafayette (the old Penney’s building). The APC room is right inside the door at the corner of 3rd and Columbia. There’s a parking garage right behind the building and a door on the back corner. Follow the hall around to the meeting room. PLEASE COME!