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MARK YOUR CALENDARS!: The  Rezone Petition for the land south of Dayton is on the Area Plan Agenda for February 21st.  We need your help!  

This is your call to ACTION!

To learn why the Rezone Petition at Area Plan was postponed from January, click here:

Welcome to our new community website. Please be patient as it is a work in progress. DACC is dedicated to preserving, enhancing,  complementing, and supplementing our small town aura and the quality of life of Dayton residents. Our mission includes challenging development proposals which do not meet the requirement of demonstrably benefiting Dayton while doing Dayton and its residents no harm; promoting community involvement; petitioning elected officials at the local and county level; and electing representatives who share our goals.

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“Keep Dayton Small” 

The yard signs blanketing our Town of Dayton, Indiana send a powerful message to all who pass. They express our love and appreciation for small town life away from the heavier traffic, crime, hustle and bustle of nearby areas. They say we oppose the profit-centered development that’s more appropriate for Lafayette than our small town. Most of all, they say we welcome growth, but let’s grow only in a way to enhance and complement our town. The movement is going strong. Let us know if you want a sign for your own yard.

Who are we? We are a network of residents of the Town of Dayton and the extended Dayton community. Some of us grew up in Dayton, and have lived here our entire lives. Some of us moved here years ago, and some moved here this year. Some live nearby and come to Dayton for school, work, or shopping and restaurants. Some just have a heart for small towns. Some have signs in their yards, and some do not. We all share the same goals, though: Keep Dayton Small, to Keep Dayton Friendly, and to Keep Dayton Dayton.


We are a nonprofit organization, incorporated in the State of Indiana, and a 501(C)(4) nonprofit with the IRS. Donations are NOT tax deductible.



We can’t wait for the Red Bird Cafe to open its doors in 2018!

If we missed a local merchant, please let us know at Thank you!

We support our local school and churches!

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We support our police, firefighters, and first responders!

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